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The Law Office of Lisa S. Core

I just was researching this Attorney Lisa Core and came across this great website and recent review of her! Its like so totally true! I had to add one for myself! Lisa Core is horrible!

I was driving drunk in Stoneham MA one night about a year ago and I thought I was fine to drive and the LAW pulled me over and said, “your at .08″ maybe .079” I could almost let you go but I will just take you in because that’s what’s required by our operating policies and any attorney will be able to just dismissed! I was very upset I believed the officer was right. So I was told to call this woman a friend of his the officers, Lisa Core, and she get me off totally. It sounded like it was his girlfriend! Well that’s where the hell began! She was abrupt with me and did not want to talk but she could get me off! I was talking to this other guy in the police station he said I been arrested for drunk driving there is no way you be held accountable if you get an attorney. So here comes the hearing with the judge and Lisa came looking absolutely hung over from The night before! Looked like she had just got done at a college fraternity party! And she was late.

The judge got so mad that Lisa Core was like out of it and late he just said I can’t deal with you lady and just cut her off etc. Lisa Core was so Dudley to him And she was just walked all over and in the end I had to do probation, 1000 hrs of community service and spend two weeks in jail. She said well I can appeal it for you for another $10000. I am like no thanks. Then I talk to a friend who said when he drunk drove with a .1 he just told the judge he was sorry and did not hire an attorney and the judge who turned out to be the exact judge I had said you I see so many people make mistakes it was your first let’s just not have it happen again and I’ll give you a warning and drunk driving class and it won’t even go on your criminal record! That’s what I normally do!

I am so mad that I blew $15000 thousand on this fake! It makes me so mad!

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Address 42 Pleasant Street
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