Complaint Against A Cheater

The Million Roses

The Million Roses. Hmm, where do I begin with this joke of a company? Well, 1st of all they were paid to send 2 arrangements of flowers to my BFF who lives in Miami while I reside in TX & they only dispatched 1. After being confronted w/ their mistake, they refused to take responsibility & blamed UPS. They claimed that they taped 2 boxes together as 1 package under 1 tracking number but photos show that that is impossible. The box has no evidence of there ever being an adhesive attached to the outside and in order to tape 2 large boxes of flowers together you need all sides to be taped together and they weren’t.

In addition, UPS would not accept a shipment such as that bc it’s too much of a liability and would be seen as problematic. This was clearly a single box for a single shipment and UPS was not at fault. They then attempted to pass the buck and derail the issue by stating that they needed a claim # & a police report. HAHA! Oh I don’t think so. You are at fault here. You misread the order and sent out only 1 arrangement and now you do not want to make it right bc it’s not a social media star that you’re interested in impressing.

Well, the good news is that I used PayPal and they will be refunding my money and Million Roses can cut, paste, & tape together all the reviews I’m leaving on the internet about their business practices & awful customer service.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 43 (664) 410 1475