Complaint Against a Service United States

Tim aka Rakiem Robinson

This is an extreme stern warning to all you potential customers or soon to be victims of Tim’s aka Rakiem Robinson’s phony credit repair identity theft scamming operation. I paid this guy $1200 to repair my credit from one of his craigslist ads he posted online recently. Long story short this guy has a very nasty, vile condescending, narcissistic, egotistical attitude and he will speak to you in a very disrespectful rude manner all the while trying to get his hands on your hard earned money. Tim* aka Rakiem Robinson is using a burn out cell phone device or fake temporary text app phone number to hide his real actual identity to who he really truly is, and I believe this scumbag is running a hacking network stealing people’s personal information globally to use for malicious purposes and fraudulent financial gain.

Since then I’ve contacted the federal authorities and filed a police report complaint. I’ve also hired an attorney, locked down and frozen all of my credit score reports with identity theft protection to make sure no one gets loans or credit cards in my name. This person Tim* and his associates are very dangerous individuals, and should be highly avoided at all costs. This is a very painful lesson learned, people if a opportunity seems too good to be true, then it more than likely probably is. You’ve been warned folks, please be extremely careful out there on the internet and stay away from this con artist scumbag!!!

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 725-218-6458