Complaint Against a Service United States

Total Telco Specialist Inc

Earl Darway owner of Total Telco asked me to repair his collection of classic John Deere lawn tractors as all of them were in need of major repair. I worked on Earl Darway’s tractors on and off for a few months accumulating approximately 120 hours in technical labor to repair all 4 tractors.

When I presented Earl with the bill for only 100 hours labor X $30 hourly for $3000 he laughed and indicated that I was working for him for free and he said the cheeseburgers and hotdogs that he cooked for me was sufficient payment. In my opinion Earl Darway is a deceptive pathological liar and a true Narcissist who uses people to get what he wants in life.

Earl Darway is ruthless in business including ruthless with people that he calls friends. I did not want to write this review but if I didn’t write it then i would only be enabling him to continue victimizing more people. This review is my opinion.

Country United States
State California
City San Luis Obispo
Address 350 Patchett Road
Phone (805) 541-2232