Complaint Against a Service United States

Truworths — Estee Lauder/ Service

Went to Alberton Truworths today. After buying clothing I went to the cosmetic section. I needed a foundation. Went for Estee Lauder as thats my choice. However there were no testers whatsoever. A security guard( OMG) had to come and assist me in choosing a colour, whilst the lazy sales person sat on her privileged backside behind the counter, offering no assistance at all. Not even sure if I got the correct colour in the foundation. I then went to get mascara and an eye pencil. Getting home to my complete dismay, I find that the eye pencil has either been used or Estee Lauder is up to sh*t as this thing is almost half, the mascara is dry and seems empty, I noticed fingerprints on the damn bottle. Was this used and sold to consumers? And why the hell are these thing not wrapped in plastic. I spent almost R1500 on Estee Lauder products today and am totally disappointed and disgusted in both the service and the products. I DEMAND AN ANSWER AS TO WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC OVER THE PRODUCTS. COVID IS AROUND AND THIS IS WHAT TRUWORTHS AND ESTEE LAUDER PRACTICES…