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Good day,

I have now receive many sms’s from Truworths. IOn the sms it says you my phone to opt out. But after 3 time that I phone, they still send me an sms. I would like to find out where did they get my number? I want to know who sold them my number, because I want some of that money, because I pay every month for that number to be on my name. So somebody is making money on my number.

Thruworths STOP sending sms’s. People don’t have money and don’t want credit.

STOP sending SMS!!!

Customer Service

+27 872 859 401 (Online Shopping)
+27 214 602 300 (Fashion Delivery)
+27 214 607 771 (New Account)
1 Mostert Street, CBD
Cape Town
South Africa – 8001