Complaint Against a Service United States

Turn Over Painting, Inc.

This company does not show professionalism in their work. First of all a gun was missing from my husbands office drawer, and we looked but have not found it. Also, a small case of expensive jewelry is missing from the office closet. It was covered, and someone while the painters were here became missing. I noticed the jewelry missing 2 weeks after they left. I had not real reason to check my jewelry but I am furious that it’s missing.

As far as the workmanship, I would call it unprofessioanl and sloppy. I am realtor and have had lots of homes painted, but ours has a lot of flaws from the paint work. There were runs on some of the walls, holes that were just painted over, paint on windows, mirrors, and frames, paint on mahogony doors.

One of the workers left the slidding door open in the gym and my blind cat got out, fell in the pool, she was screaming and I found her almost dead! Unacceptible! I just called the owner, he said none of his guys took anything, bull! The gun is gone, a Sig 365, and my jewelry!! I would not recommend these people or this company! I filed a police report and now waiting to hear from the police.

I will say that the men that came into my house did not look to me to be professionals. Make sure if you hire this company to get the mens information before hiring them. Get their ID’s and check them out, FYI. We are very dissapointed in the work, the color was good, but overall the job was sloppy. They even left vents up and painted over them or around them. What the heck?!!

I am sure the owner will respond! I don’t care what he has to say, the gun is gone, the jewelry is gone and our Million Dollar house was left sloppy!

Country United States
State Arizona
Address 1101 N. 23rd St
Phone 480-217-6416