Complaint Against a Service United States

Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Roy Kirchner, CEO, Ultimate 3D Printing Store (U3DPS) signed a contractual work agreement with my company, Blue Nova DC (BNDC).

After being consistently late on paying invoices, and even lying that he had paid one when he ultimately had not, Roy removed BNDC access to the accounts we were managing for him. I asked him why we no longer had access, and heard nothing back. Given his continued failures to demonstrate professionalism, I assumed he might be trying to Flake on paying his bills. I then sent him a reminder that he is still contractually obligated to give 30 days notice of the cancellation of our work agreement, to which he replied that he was giving his notice of cancelation of the work agreement.

Roy was then given a final invoice that included all unpaid costs as well as those for the final month of service. Roy once again displayed his unprofessionalism by replying with a joke about “bankruptcy”. I have followed up multiple times since, and neither he nor his team respond to my communications anymore.

Roy/U3DPS made the decision to take advantage of 3rd party employees working to benefit his company, then flake on paying them for their help. This is why this report is being filed.

Country United States
State Florida
City Odessa
Address 1851 Gunn Hwy
Phone 1 813-280-1115