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VCA Animal Hospitals / diagnosis communication and unnecessary x-rays

I took my dog to the via location in Newport News, VA because he had a small tumor on his left side. The vet extracted a small sample of cells but gave no diagnosis. The vet technician drew up a surgical removal proposal and I was told to watch the growth of the tumor and bring him in for presurgical lab work and X-rays.

I told the vet I was concerned because my dog was 13 years old And I was concerned about him surviving surgery at his age. The vet never once mentioned a diagnosis and told me there was no concern regarding surgical survival.

The tumor grew and I brought my dog in for pre-op X-rays. At this time the vet never mentioned a diagnosis and after the X-rays, I never received a follow-up call. I called several times and left messages for the vet to get with me to discuss further treatment.

Since I received no communication from the vet, I took my dog to another vet on August 22, 2018. When the vet requested the records from via he noticed a diagnosis of Sarcoma. None of the paperwork I received from via ever mentioned sarcoma nor was it ever mentioned in any conversations.

The new vet said my dog would not survive surgery at his age and if the sarcoma was caught and treated in the initial exam on March 2, my dog would have had a better chance of survival with appropriate treatment. My dog passed away on September 3, 2018.

I don’t blame the car for his death but I do question the ethics of the vets who saw him and suggested pre-op X-rays knowing surgery was not in the best interest of my dog’s treatment. My current vet agrees with me 100%.

I am requesting a refund of the $503.40 that I was charged for the X-rays on 5/24/2018. I have consulted an Attorney and am prepared to pursue this legally if necessary. I am also prepared to go public with this issue if this is not resolved.

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