Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Victoria Radynska

Re: Victoria Radynska -owner of Giaps Realty on East 14th, Brooklyn, NY 11229

An extract from an email to her:

Victoria, you know it’s NOT RENT STABILIZED and you hide that fact with a very bad type used car sales strategy they used to use: “don’t ask, don’t tell,” type of sales approach.” For example: If you don’t ask if the engine is working properly, don’t tell them! And similarly, you don’t tell them it’s not RENT STABILIZED, because you are afraid no one will show up. People have a right to know what they are buying or renting. What this means is that after the 1st year lease and every other year after that, they can raise the rent to whatever numbers they want to or tell you to leave. You have no protections at all. They are not bound by rent stabilized laws. If you like to pay a lot of extra money and / or move out every year, than this companies/persons sales methods, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” are for you.

Also, most standard leases don’t have this clause in it: “Legal rent vs preferred rent.” Victoria, you know there’s a legal rent vs preferred rent clause and you hide that fact from people with your “don’t ask, don’t tell policy,” and don’t even explain what that really means and what the severe disadvantage is to this clause if it’s in the lease. The legal rent was an absurd $3,000 for an apartment currently listed at $1,790 as I write this. The preferred rent was $1,750. The preferred rent is really the real or close price of the rent that you will be getting for the 1st year of the lease. Victoria, you don’t tell people after their 1st year lease is up, they can enforce the legal rent if they want to and ask you to pay the $3,000 legal rent starting with your next lease.

Victoria, you waste every ones time, including your own, by not disclosing these negative facts up front. Then you say, “that we, the people, should ask all of this upfront, not to waste your time.” You must be joking! We can’t read minds. You have to disclose negative facts that you are aware of and not hide them with your “if they don’t ask, don’t tell them policy.”

Victoria, you wrongly and inaccurately tell people they have to fill out a credit application to get the best price quote – Not true at all. Upon insisting on a better price from management, they finally gave us their best price quotes without running credit and without taking off 22 points on my score just to find out if I can get the price I was asking for. But you insists they won’t do it because, in my opinion, you’re trying very hard to get what’s done in the next paragraph and do not want to loose us yet if the management does not want to negotiate the price.

Victoria, you try to obtain a $1,000 dollar deposit to hold the apartment. (most companies hold it for nothing but the application you gave them and a $20 fee to process it). And with payment methods that people can’t possibly get that money back if something goes wrong like: zelle or certified checks, but you won’t take credit cards because you know the consumer is better protected from fraud and misrepresentation by the bank. And if they go to lease signing and find out any of the above, (not rent stabilized and legal rent clauses in the lease) and want to drop out because of disadvantageous and abnormal clauses in the lease, repairs that are needed that you did not notice initially, tenants tell you their are too many roaches in the building, etc, and you back out, you will not refund the money. And you state it’s non refundable unless your credit is denied!

When people get to this particular apartment, if they won’t take it (because it has a very badly defective small kitchen, and the price is too high, and it’s facing E17th St (2147 East 17th st, 3b or 4b or a number of others), which has the train noise from the b express running on the east16th St overhead tracks, with a lot of noise and parallel to the apartment, you try to further entice them by offering them a discount and telling them the NET rent will be 1695 after we apply the discount during the last months rent. (all abbreviated double talk). But what you do not tell us, is that it is a one time discount and beginning the 13th month, the rent will go back up to 1790. (you were paying 1790 in months 1 to 11, then they discount the last month somewhat) as a way to draw you into a non rent stabilized apartment with legal rent clauses. Then you continue to pay 1790 on month 13, plus any rent increases they decide you should pay. Like for example, they could make the rent $2,090.

I personally do not recommend Giaps realty and Vicroria R. at all, no matter what she is showing in Real Estate from this day forward. Thank you and check the 3 attachment texts that give you an idea of what I am talking about with this company.

Also this buildings management company, Fray Management, is very hard to deal with and most times does not even bother to answer you and just ignores your emails or phone calls – especially the owners Steven & Esmerelda Fray)

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 1690 East 14th Street
Phone 718-676-1051