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Waffle House / management and employees being racist and biased

im a former employee of waffle house and my friend still works there. i quit becayse i was having to handle alot of racism and biased ways from management from and employees. Shanti has a best friend that comes down from out of town and works 50 hours in 3 days while other employess are only getting 25 or less. Paradise is her name. and she had made 4 employees walk out and quit but she stays and picks and bullies all of the white employees. it isnt right. they live and work together and paradise goes home and talks to chanti about employees and doesnt hear the other side and then your hours are cut… or your not working a good shift so make no money. I loved my job. I left because im moving but since i left my friend calls me all the time crying about what they have said or done this time… it isnt right. only 3 white people the rest black and they bully and get in this pact mentality. I also thought it was a rule that management couldnt live or hang out with employees.

Waffle House Customer Service

5986 Financial Drive
Norcross, NC
United States – 30071+1 877 992 3353

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