Complaint Against a Service

Washington Medical Group

The first time I went to see Dr. Macedo, it was an excellent experience. I was sent to have dozens of lab test done and take an ADHD test followed by a review with the doctor.

After the test, I was told he was running way behind and I could sit and wait for an unknown amount of time or see the physician’s assistant. I saw the PA, who spent five minutes looking over my tests and started me on a new prescription.

I was told to come back in four weeks to evaluate the new prescription. When I scheduled the appointment, I explicitly asked that it be at a time when the doctor would be available so I could follow up on our initial discussion and treatment plan.

A month later, I show up, pay my $40 copay by check and being placed in a room. Only then am I told the doctor isn’t available. The front desk person and the nurse couldn’t seem to decide if the doctor was in jury duty or if he was downstairs…”

he just came in for the afternoon to do paperwork, he’s not seeing patients.”I said seeing him review the test results and medication directly was the reason I came and if he wasn’t seeing patients that day, I should’ve been notified.

They offered to refund my copay, have the doctor call later, and call in a refill on my prescription. For some reason, the front desk person gave me back $40 cash instead of my check.

Three days later, no word from the doctor and my pharmacy never received a refill request. I called to find out why and was literally told they couldn’t help me until I came back and returned the $40 cash in exchange for my voided check.

I explained that I don’t live in DC and was not going to AGAIN pay for an Uber both ways just to fix their bookkeeping mistake. I offered to mail the cash, pay by credit card over the phone…

neither was acceptable. I asked to speak to a manager and the woman I was passed to was equally as rude and defensive and continued with the argument that I couldn’t get a refill (of the prescription I was now out of mind you) until I returned the money that I “shouldn’t have taken.”

So somehow, it’s now my fault that I was returned cash instead of my check. I asked to speak to HER manager.The next woman I was passed to was extremely helpful in rectifying all problems…after I spent 45 minutes going round and round with them.

Fast forward, I go back for my next follow up on the medication and see Dr. Macedo. He increased my dose and asked me to come back in a week for a follow-up test on the higher dose. I said I had just enough medication to get me to that point.

The day before my appointment, the office calls to tell me they’re closing the next day because of the Capitals parade and rescheduled me for the following week. Silly me, I forgot that it would mean I’d run out of medication in less than two days.


Couldn’t call the next day because they were closed. Called first thing the following morning and was told the doctor reviews prescription requests at the end of the day. Well, that would be fine except I leave for vacation tomorrow.

I told her that’s fine as long as the refill is called into my pharmacy today. She tells me their policy is 48 hours. Again, I’m now to blame for their changing the schedule!

I reminded her that had they not closed the day before, I would have seen the doctor and had the prescription filled in a timely manner. That didn’t seem to sink in for her.

So, here I am again, out of medication and at the mercy of the most incompetent medical staff I have ever experienced in my life. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to search for another psychiatrist that handles adult ADHD to get to the bottom of my issues because I can’t continue to deal with a doctor whose office is so thoroughly unreliable and rude on top of it.

So, so disappointed as after my initial appointment with Macedo, I felt relief and excitement at the prospect of finally getting a handle on my ADHD treatment.

(202) 785-2400

1327 18th St NW Washington, DC 20036 b/t N Massachusetts Ave & N N St Dupont Circle, Downtow


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