Complaint Against a Service

Wentworth Plastic Surgery Specialist

Had breast reconstruction with Dr. Bean. This man had no compassion for a breast cancer patient. I was told over and over “you had cancer, it is what it is”. Yes, I did have cancer, a double mastectomy and he was the only local doctor in my hospital.

I did not like his demeanor but decided to trust him. He came to a recommendation from the hospital. He advertised breast reconstruction in his office.
I ended up with two completely different beasts. Different size, shape, type of surgery.

He originally told me we would do fat grafting to complete the shape. When I asked he again said “you had cancer, it is what it is, I did my best” and refused fat grafting.

I was always seeing his nurse after surgery who was completely new to plastic surgery and had no idea about breast cancer! When she took my drains out she ripped them out apologizing saying it was her first time. Why was the doctor not with her? I was in pain for weeks.

I went back in after healing and explained I am ok with the left side, but not the right side. I was a C cup on the left and a B cup on the right. I was told, ”well 50/50 at least we got one right”. I swear I cried every time I left his office.
I ended up never going back, got a new surgeon who agreed to put new implants in.

I learned that not only did Dr. Bean gave two different sized implants in, but he also had two different types in. No wonder I was so unhappy. I would not recommend him for breast reconstruction.

Nor would I recommend him for any cancer type of work. He was rude, he lied, he has had followed up. And does not stand by his word.

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