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WestJet Airlines — Flight delay

My wife and I along with another couple had purchased an all inclusive holiday to Cancun from Prince George departing on January 13, 2020, at 6:00 am. Reservation code # DDHMEJ. We were at the airport early. While sitting on the plane we watched an adjacent plane get de-iced and leave to taxi to the runway. At that time we were informed that the de-icing machine had broken down. How odd. It was right alongside us and apparently working fine. It was some time later that, while still sitting on the tarmac, we were informed that mechanics were working on the de-icing machine. Some time later we were informed the de-icer was working again but it was too cold to de-ice at that time. Then, about half an hour later the de-icer came and de-iced the plane and we departed to Vancouver. During the flight we were told that our connecting flight to Cancun was being held for us and for the other passengers to remain seated so we could get to our connecting flight. Upon arrival in Vancouver we raced to our departing gate as it was as far away as possible from our arrival gate and it took us several minutes to hike across the airport to get to that gate. When we got there our connecting aircraft was still at the gate with ramp still attached to the plane. Despite that, we were told we could not board the plane as the pilots were timing out as per the gate attendant at the gate who said that decision came from Calgary. So all 14 paid passengers were told they could not board and upon consulting and after consulting with the agents at the gate we were told that there would be no compensation. Our group then spent a couple hours trying to find our luggage before we eventually went and booked a hotel. We left Vancouver the following morning after being delayed by more than 24 hours. We feel this was unacceptable as there has to be a backup de-icer available at an airport that has to frequently de-ice planes during the winter. This would have prevented the delay. Also it was unacceptable that our connecting plane was still there connected to the gate when we arrived in Vancouver but we still were not allowed to board. A very frustrating and costly delay was incurred by all 14 passengers that should have been avoided . I would like compensation for vacation time lost and for hotel and food expenses for the full day we had to spend in Vancouver. Thank you, Alexander Faulkner

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