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WoodSprings Suites — Getting kicked out and the manager being racist

I’ve been renting for 3 weeks now and on my 4th week (07/10/2020) I tried to go pay for another week and the black lady at the counter started shouting at me and my boyfriend telling us that we leave our room to often and that her manager said to not rent to us anymore. They tried kicking us out 07/10/2020 but are departure was good until 07/11/2020 we showed her our receipt and she said fine we can stay until tomorrow . We walked outside smoked a cigarette went back to our room and the lady had called the cops on us. We didn’t fight or argue. We packed our stuff and proceeded to leave. Before leaving I asked the gentleman up at the front if we would get our deposit and a refund for being kicked out a whole day early he said I would have to come talk to the manager on Monday about the situation .