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WoodSprings Suites — Left out in cold a employee

This is Michael L Parton, requesting to speak to Anudra I have issues the way I was fired an mistreated and sexually harassed. when you was active administrator I let you aware of these issues, never reported in matter of fact sir you made my job harder to deal with an out of respect to ANY BOSS I have address them as sir an you told me it was a sign of weakness, you yelled at me in front of fellow employees asking why my brother took a man to a different facility thinking my brother did it, without even investigating it! Never happen as I explained to you, not even a apologize! just like the sexual harassment was reported, every employee was aware of this even Jalisa! As my active administrator you should of reported to your boss, I felt abused an with me telling you this took a lot of courage, and then for you to walk away an not say nothing is unbelievable, then when you hired contractor to finish the out of order rooms an traveling manger Betsy came in I was told by contractor that you thought my work as bad work an maybe before I get fired I should be looking for work else where, I worked 7 days a week never missed a day for ten mo straight 4 weeks before I was fired I called hrto let them I felt I was getting fired an was told by amy I have no worries as long as I do my job I cant be fired! I will not stop until my voice is heard robert fired me an woodspring never reported my concerns nor my abuse! My voice will be heard so it never happens to another employee so much more to say not even my pto not paid an left out on the streets! No one will give me roberts boss number, robert is cruel an to know about the abuse I went threw he made sure I had no voice!