Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Manager and on site security

The general manager her name is Amber she is very rude she is very inconsiderate she picks and chooses who can stay she stood in front of me and another gal her name is Chasity she lives in room 202 I said oh let me look and see how long he’s paid up to so when I kick him out I can keep his money well they kicked us out a day after we paid for our week and did not give us our money she’s very rude she’s very discriminative and then Jan who is the on-site so-called security who takes phone calls all night which doesn’t answer the phone she is prejudiced she’s very rude she’s very crude.. Amber general manager is very prejudiced against white people!!! They take your money and the place is filthy and discusting!!! They allow all the drug users to stay for their count to be up!!!