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WoodSprings Suites — No refund

On thursday 8/13/2020 I checked into the woodspring suites in texas city tx for a 1 week stay. They billed my credit card $398.42 for the week. Due to a family emergency I check out friday 8/14/2020 or the very next day. They charge me $153.68 for a 2 day stay and $398.42 for a week and I was informed by the front desk and manager that the $398.42 that they charge me for the week would be refunded to my credit card in 7 to 10 business days. That was a lie. They did refund me the $153.68 for the 2 day
Stay but kept the $398.42 for the week that I never stayed. The manager informed me that they do not give refunds. That was lie because he gave me $153.68 refund. Why would you charge me for days I did not stay there. This is unethical behavior with no integrity
$398.42 charged for the 1 week stay that they kept
-$153.68 charge for the 2 days I actually stayed
But did get a refund on this amount.
They owe me $244.74