Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Poor security, horrible employees very dangerous hotel

This is the most disgusting, horrible poorly run hotel that I have EVER stayed in. The staff is awful and lazy and condones drug deals in the parking lot and violence against guests. The experience that I had with my one month stay at this hotel will literally scar me for life. I made at least 5 complaints about violent residents that were staying for free through 211 for months on end. They would loiter in the parking lot and do drugs and sell them. They were very racist towards other ethnicities that are staying and were paying guests. My life and my nephews life were threatened in front of the front desk employees on several occasions and not one thing was done about this. These employees names are Sherri and Kam. I complained to the manager Amber on at least 5 occasions and I was promised the police would monitor the parking lot. This NEVER occurred. I have a service animal and I was scared for my life just to walk my dog outside. I was scared to do laundry and to take out the trash. They never once offered to clean our room in 32 days of our stay. This hotel is very poorly run and managed. Please do yourself a favor and stay very very far away from this hotel. I will not rest until I put an end to the violence that I experienced. I will be reporting this to the news and filing a law suit so that no one ever experiences what my family and I experienced. If I could give zero stars I would!!!