Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — Poor service / refund / I didn’t stay at hotel

I drove 2hrs to Woodsprings Suites located in Forest Hill, Texas off California Parkway. The website looked inviting but room and hallway to get to room smelled like pee and some other smell that was unbearable. The bed looked like something you would donate to a shelter. I didn’t feel comfortable having my family in a hotel that looked like that, and the people around the location made the location look unsafe. I told the black man at desk we weren’t going to stay we left key. He said he wasn’t authorized to give refunds he said the manager would be their tomorrow which was a lie. Because when I called the next day which was a Saturday the lady who answered said the manager doesn’t work on weekend. So the employees who work are dishonest. We had to go pay at another hotel located in Forest Hill. No one should have to pay for hotel stay they didn’t stay at. This hotel wouldn’t be recommended to stay unless you’re homeless or desperate. This location should be ashame of themselves and embarrassed, and have the nerve to dispute a customer that didn’t receive any satisfying service and DIDN’T STAY. I shouldn’t be forced to pay Anything.