Complaint Against a Service United States

WoodSprings Suites — The manager was drunk

So I was waiting in the lobby for my wife to let me in when a lady approached me very loud and aggressively and said what are you doing. Mind you she didn’t explain she was an employee and it was 1:30am I was tired and not feeling like socializing so I just ignored her. My wife opened the door and this lady screamed at me get out of my hotel you aren’t gonna disrespect me and think you’re gonna stay here this is my hotel. I was at a loss for words I had no idea she worked there and told her she could have just told me she was the manager and I would have explained myself but she didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. She called the police on me and the police showed up and told me that this was not a isolated issue they didn’t know the exact number but he said they had been here probably a dozen times for the exact same thing. They talked to her and she agreed that I could stay but I have never been talked to like this lady talked down to me in my life my phone number isv [protected] I will tell you more if you want.