Complaint Against a Service

Worldwide Moving Systems

Awful, Awful, Awful.  I used this company in 2008.  I’m frankly surprised that they are not out of business.  They gave me an estimate and then jacked up the price once they picked everything up.

They then were not able to make the delivery on the scheduled date and ended up arriving with my items late in the evening about a week late and unloading until 1 AM.

The only reason that they even showed up that day was that I had to go out of town the next day and I told them that they would have to put everything back in storage if they didn’t make it on time.

They broke quite a few of my items and the process for getting reimbursed was insane.  They lost one of my boxes and also delivered someone else’s box of clothes with my delivery.

I returned the box to the original owner, but I was not so lucky with my lost items.

(301) 870-5300

3410 Rockefeller Ct Waldorf, MD 20602

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