Complaint Against a Service

Yankee Springs Meadows MHC- Yes communities / Bad water quality

Yankee Springs Meadows MHC drilled new wells around May. June of 2018. We have had bad water quality since. Water smells like rotten eggs. Very high in hydrogen sulfide. I have several months of contact with the property manager, Dawn Smith about the water quality and what was being done about it, most of my emails went un-answered. When I told her I was contacting the Barry-Eaton County Health Dept to find out what I needed to do to get my water tested, she was not real impressed with that idea.

She told me that is not the responsibility of the residents. She does monthly testing. The last I heard from her was she was researching into a chlorination system, that was months ago.

Haven’t heard any more about it and the water is still nasty smelling. What is being done about the water quality at Yankee Springs Meadows MHC in Barry County Michigan? We are charged a flat monthly fee for this water.

I spent a lot of money for a new hot water heater specially set up for water that is high in sulfur. It didn’t make a difference, I contacted the business I purchased water heater from, they told me, not my hot water heater, it’s the water.


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